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Foshan Anle Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is located in the National Medical Equipment Production Base-Foshan Sanshui Central Science and Technology Industrial Park. The company is a manufacturing enterprise that designs, produces, and sells Class II dental equipment. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The company currently employs more than 70 people. Its main product, a comprehensive dental treatment machine, has passed the CE certification of German TUV.

The company's production and management strictly organize production in accordance with various standards, and carry out comprehensive and whole-process control of various factors affecting product quality, to ensure that unqualified raw materials are not put into production...

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Reputation is a kind of soft productivity. It refers to the impression and evaluation that an enterprise leaves on internal employees and the public in its production and business activities. It is a kind of mutual dependence formed between people, units, and commodity transactions. Trusted production relations and social relations. The credibility of an enterprise includes product credibility, service credibility, and business ethics, and is an important aspect of the overall image of an enterprise.

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The connotation of quality includes general requirements such as the safety, applicability, effectiveness, and economy of products and services. It refers to the sum of the features and characteristics of products and services that meet relevant laws, regulations and potential requirements. Features are used to distinguish the concepts of different specifications, grades, and tastes in similar products and services; features are concepts used to distinguish different types of products and services.

Technological innovation


Science and technology are primary productive forces. Science is the theoretical guidance of technology, and technology is the theoretical basis of science. Development and research are carried out in combination with actual production, and new methods, new materials, new processes, new varieties, and new products are obtained. Technology is the practical application of science. As an intermediary of production, advances in science and technology have effectively promoted the development of enterprises.

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Anle people take "customer first" as the tenet and follow the quality policy of "survive by reputation and quality, and develop by technological innovation".

With the spirit of pioneering, pragmatic and honest, we will devote high-quality products to users!

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Teach you how to choose the right power supply

When people are designing electrical circuit modules or setting new products, they rarely consider the choice of supporting power supply until they find out that the problem is in the power supply part. To help people, this article describes the definition of the parameters of the DC power supply and the potential impact of the unit to be tested (UUT) or other circuitry. First, the basic basis for selecting the power supply Voltage and current range, these are the two most easily determined indicators, as long as the power consumption of the circuit can be calculated. However, if only a single DC voltage is used to power the UUT, consider testing the UUT's high and low supply voltage extremes. Most fixed power supplies allow variations in the output voltage range of ±10%. If this does not meet the circuit requirements, a power supply with adjustable output or a wider range of variations can be selected. If the power supply is used to power the combined device, 75% to 90% of the maximum current required by the device is provided by one power supply, and an insufficient portion can be connected to two or more power supplies. The power supply for the semi-fixed test bench must have a capacity to detect at least 125% of the current required by the test bench. 1. Working mode Almost all DC power supplies operate in constant voltage source mode, which means that the output voltage can remain constant over the entire current range. There are also a number of power supplies that can operate in a value stream mode within a certain range. The range of variation of the power output is not limited by the voltage or current output capability of the power supply itself, but also related to the operating state of the power supply. In the adaptive mode, the power supply can automatically adjust the output range of the voltage or current under the premise of constant capacity. A small number of power supplies also function as electronic equipment loads. In this mode, this power supply can be used to test other constant voltage or constant current sources. 2. Response Time When the power supply can be remotely controlled or the power supply is part of the test system, then the delay from the issuance of the control command to the steady output of the power supply to the desired value is a very important factor (for example, turning the voltage on or off). Response times range from a few milliseconds to tens of milliseconds. A small amount of power can have a fast conversion rate of more than IV/us. These power supplies can be used to make high power arbitrary waveform generators. 3. Resolution The minimum adjustable increment of the output voltage or current defined by the technical parameters. Some power supplies have the same resolution across the entire output range, while others have different resolutions across different output ranges. Second, the power supply accuracy, expansion and security 1, remote sensing characteristics In order to accurately control the voltage or current value on the load, any change in the circuit can be fed back to the voltage regulator circuit through a separate sensing channel, so that it can be corrected Any change in voltage drop between the UUT and the power supply.
Teach you how to choose the right power supply

Medical equipment - maintenance of power supply

Today's medical instrument technology is developing at a rapid pace. New medical devices are emerging one after another. No matter how advanced and complex the new device functions, one thing is indispensable. That is the power supply. It is the source of power for the entire instrument's energy conversion. Although the principles of various devices are different, the principle of the power supply is similar. The power failure rate is relatively high because the power supply often works in harsh environments. Next, especially the switching power supply, it is subjected to the impact of high current and high voltage of the whole machine. Therefore, in the substantial failure of component damage, the proportion of power supply failure is large. According to statistics, it accounts for more than 50%. Therefore, as long as the power supply, especially the maintenance of the switching power supply, can be carried out well, the medical equipment maintenance work can be carried out well. The following focuses on how to change the same - from the power supply. As a breakthrough to face the fault machine, to eliminate all kinds of complex fault switching power supply mainly by the full bridge rectifier circuit, start circuit, switching tube excitation circuit, stable The voltage control circuit, the output rectification and filtering circuit, and various protection circuits are composed. 1 Full-bridge rectifier circuit Full-bridge rectifier circuit input is 220 V AC. The output is 300 V DC high-voltage. The wearing parts are full-bridge rectifier diodes. As long as there is a damage, the entire bridge stack needs to be replaced. Because other diodes are definitely It has passed. There is also an electrolytic capacitor with a withstand voltage of 450 V. When the capacity of the capacitor is insufficient, many special faults will occur. For example, the computer system repeatedly crashes. The screen appears 50 Hz AC interference, etc. 2 Start circuit self-excited switching power supply f switch tube It acts as a switch. It is also the core component of the switching power supply gap oscillator. It consists of a resistor current limiting method: one end of the resistor is connected to 300 V DC high voltage. The other end is connected to the base of the switching tube. Due to the large resistance of the starting resistor (above 100 kΩ), the power is small. Therefore, it is a wearing part. After the resistor is disconnected, the switching power supply does not vibrate. There is no bleed circuit 300 V DC high voltage power can not be discharged for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the discharge of the capacitor during maintenance. Its excitation switching power supply (the switching power supply of the switching power supply only acts as a switch. It does not participate in the formation of the oscillation pulse). There are two main ways: (1) 300 V voltage is limited by the resistor, and the voltage is reduced to supply the Vee of the integrated circuit: (2) The mains is stepped down by the resistor, the diode is rectified, and the Vcc power supply is the integrated block that participates in the oscillation and the step-down resistor. 3 The switch excitation circuit is composed of a switch tube, a switching transformer and a positive feedback loop. The consumables are the capacitors and resistors on the positive feedback loop. The excitation switching power supply consists of an oscillator, a logic processor, and an amplifier. Such a circuit is generally implemented by an integrated circuit or even a single thick film integrated block to realize a consumable part. The switch tube is generally composed of N-channel high-power FET. The method should be mastered. 4 The voltage-stabilized control circuit is divided into indirect error sampling and direct error sampling circuit according to the error sampling method. A sampling winding is arranged on the switching transformer. After rectifying and filtering, a voltage proportional to the output is obtained. This voltage is used to control the conduction degree of the switching tube. Therefore, the voltage regulation effect. When repairing such a switching power supply, it is necessary to pay attention to the dummy load to be repaired. The wearing parts are filter capacitors and potentiometers. The direct error sampling circuit refers to directly sampling the output voltage of the switching power supply. Therefore, the primary and secondary isolation components of the switching power supply should be added. Generally, the optocoupler is used. The wearing parts are the optocouplers. The output voltage rises significantly. 5 Voltage output circuit refers to the circuit of the switching transformer secondary through high frequency diode and capacitor filtering. The wearing parts are various current limiting resistors and filter capacitors. 6 Protection circuits generally have the following types: (1) spike absorbing circuit, Prevent the breakdown of the switch tube; (2) O
Medical equipment - maintenance of power supply

The launching ceremony of "Oral Health Promotion to the West" was held in Xi'an

Held by the China Stomatological Association, the Shaanxi Provincial Stomatological Association, Guangzhou Colgate Palmolive Co., Ltd., the Fourth Military Medical University School of Stomatology, the Ministry of Health's Disease Control Bureau, and the Department of Medical Affairs supported the development of oral health promotion and stomatology The launching ceremony of the “Western Line and the New Technology of Oral Medical Technology”. The main purpose of this activity is to bring oral health and education to Shaanxi Province. Supported by the Ministry of Health's Disease Prevention and Control Bureau and sponsored by the China Stomatological Association, the “Oral Health Promotion and Stomatology Development Western Line” activity program has been in operation for four years since 2007 and is active in 2-3 western provinces each year. The Chinese Stomatological Association launched the "Development of Oral Health and the Development of Stomatology in the Western Region". The main purpose is to change the oral health awareness of the population in the western region through publicity and education, health promotion, and to improve the western region through expert training and advanced training. Cultivate a group of oral medical backbones to further solve the practical problems of dental difficulties in the western region, and finally achieve the goal of promoting the development of western stomatology and improving the oral health of the masses. "Oral health promotion and the development of oral medicine in the west" is a major event for Chinese stomatologists to further promote the improvement of oral health in the western region of China, promote the awareness of oral health care for all, and promote the development of oral medicine in China. The West Line Shaanxi Station is the third stop of the event. The “Stomp Medical New Technology Sanqin Line” activity program sponsored by the Shaanxi Provincial Stomatological Association and the Fourth Military Medical University School of Stomatology will continue for 2 years from 2008. In 3-4 Shaanxi provinces and cities to carry out activities, "Dental Medical New Technology Sanqinxing" is the Shaanxi Provincial Stomatological Association and the Fourth Military Medical University School of Stomatology to promote effective development of oral medicine in Shaanxi Province. The project includes the development of mass oral health education, oral medical personnel training and oral medical network construction. In the areas where the project is carried out, free oral health check will be carried out in a targeted manner, and oral clinical clinical technology training courses will be held to promote advanced technologies such as pit and fissure closure to effectively improve the oral health of the masses. At the launching ceremony, President Wang Xing of the Chinese Stomatological Association, Secretary-General Wang Wei of the Chinese Stomatological Association, Director Li Qiang of Oral Care Specialty of Guangzhou Colgate Palmolive Co., Ltd., Li Jinbin County Magistrate of Jia County, Shaanxi Province, and Zhao Yimin, President of Shaanxi Provincial Stomatological Association, Director Liu Shaoming of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Department, President Fan Daiming of the Fourth Military Medical University, and Vice Chairman Li Dongyu of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference made a speech. President Wang Xing of the Chinese Stomatological Association transferred the banner of "Development of Oral Health Promotion and Stomatology to the West" to the president of Shaanxi Provincial Stomatological Association.
The launching ceremony of


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